How Can We Express Our Thanks?

-Wayne Tildsley, Senior Minister


Good Friday reminds us of Jesus death to take the punishment for our failure to submit to God’s rule.  Easter Sunday tells us of his Resurrection to New Life after he died, opening the way to Eternal Life to all who accept him as Lord and Saviour.


How can we express our thanks to Jesus?  What can you give someone who has everything?  As the Son of God who created the universe, there is nothing he needs.


Yet there remains something that each of us can individually give to him.  Something that is precious and valuable. The Leadership of our lives.  Living out each day, submitting to Jesus leadership.  Obeying the teaching of the Bible and through working in his service with other members of the church (the body of people committed to carrying on his work in the world).


Submission to the leadership of Jesus results from an understanding of the magnitude of what his Death and Resurrection has achieved for us.  Thanksgiving overflows into wanting to please Jesus.  Seeking to know Jesus better and thereby understand how he wants us to live.


Will you join me in committing our lives to the leadership of Jesus, the Son of God?  Leadership that involves getting to know Jesus better and serving with one another for his benefit.


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