Faith Fed By Babylon

FAITH fed by BABYLON We ALL live in Babylon. It is worldwide. Our faith and our future is both formed and informed by a creation united against, and wilfully independent of its Creator. Babylon’s unhealthy influence to rebellion permeates our souls, and soaks all our actions. Where we see disobedience, when we live amidst Godless […]


TOGETHER This was the theme of our recent Church Camp. Our speaker Michael Williamson raised with us questions such as: How do we get to know one another? How do we start a loving conversation? He encouraged us to use F. O. R. E. to help with this. These four areas are easy to raise […]

Entrusted with the Message

Entrusted with the Message Christmas is rapidly approaching though sadly the meaning has been lost for many. As followers of Jesus we celebrate the love, forgiveness, reconciliation, hope and eternal life that comes through Jesus. This is a vital and important message for every living person to hear, understand and respond to. Jesus came to […]


Where would we be without God’s Holy Spirit? Answer – Dead actually. Not dead physically but dead spiritually. We would have no life with and in God. We would not be His child. We would not be destined for heaven. Pentecost – the Holy Spirit was poured into all the believers 50 days after Jesus […]

Beware of the Poison of Anger

Roundup is a strong weed killer (a poison) used in our cemetery to control weeds around the graves. Spray it on and over time you will see the plants affected turning yellow and then die off. We are rightly taught to be careful with poisons like this because they are dangerous. A dangerous poison is […]