A Guilt Problem

I have a guilt problem. Can you help me?

Psalm 73: 25 says ‘earth has nothing I desire besides you ( Lord )’ or a modern song we sing in some of our services says “You (Lord) are my heart’s desire and I long to follow You”

I feel that my heart’s desire is not as singularly focussed as it should be. Do you have the same problem? Our other desires can be many and various – acceptance, ease, health, wealth, popularity, success, etc etc..

God has given us His Holy Spirit to refresh us and build us up in trust and allegiance. We could pray for one another that the Spirit will have His way with us and mature us. He can help to change our heart’s desires so that we are focussed on Jesus for His Glory’s sake.

Another hymn says “The dearest idol I have known whate’er that idol be. Help me to tear it from the Thy throne and worship only Thee”

May God help us to do this.


extracted from church newsletter 21st January 2018