Entrusted with the Message

Entrusted with the Message

Christmas is rapidly approaching though sadly the meaning has been lost for many. As followers of Jesus we celebrate the love, forgiveness, reconciliation, hope and eternal life that comes through Jesus. This is a vital and important message for every living person to hear, understand and respond to. Jesus came to seek and save the lost (Luke 19.10), we continue his mission by making known the good news (gospel) about Jesus.

Peter tells us that followers of Jesus should live in such a distinctive way that we are seen as a people of hope and be always prepared to give an answer this (1 Peter 3.15). When we speak about our faith in Jesus we are to do it with gentleness and respect.

Spreading the message of Jesus so that people can respond (Evangelism) is the primary work of the Church. We live on earth representing Christ, his ambassadors, and through us God is seeking to reach all mankind (2 Corinthians 5.18-20).

In Colossians 4.2-6 Paul teaches us that evangelism is God’s business, it is our privilege to be involved in this work and our responsibility to pray (2-3). Praying for doors to open for the message and the preacher to be clear in communicating (3-4). We are to conduct ourselves wisely while making the most of our opportunities (5). Effective witnessing is done graciously, seasoned with salt (be compelling) and knowing how to answer appropriately. How are we to Evangelise? Are there different ways? Examples of how people evangelized in the New Testament:

  • Confrontational – Peter in Jerusalem confronts the Jews calling them to repent Acts 2.1-39.
  • Intellectual – Paul in Athens speaking with learned men Acts 17.16-31.
  • Instructional – Paul teaching in Acts 13.42-44.
  • Testimonial – John 9.1-34 The man born blind testifies that Jesus healed him.
  • Relational – Mark 5.18-20 The man restored to his right mind by Jesus tells his family and community.
  • Invitational – John 4.28-30 The woman at the well invites her town’s people to meet Jesus.
  • Service – Acts 9.36 Dorcas whose generosity and service to the needy testified to Jesus.
  • Communal – Acts 2.42-47 the life and love of the Christian Community.
  • Hospitality – Luke 5.29-32 Matthew opens his home for people to meet Jesus.

We have the message of Jesus. Let us together take it to the Hawkesbury.

Your Pastor Wayne.