God Is With Us

At Christmas we celebrate the birthday of Jesus and remember the following of Him:

  • 730 years before his birth God told Isiah that there would be a virgin who would give birth to a son and who would be called Immanuel – God is with us. Before his birth an angel told Joseph that Mary would have a son and he is to be called “Jesus because he will save his people from their sins”. Matthew 1. 21. This tells us the purpose for which he came into our world.
  • Jesus is God Eternal who entered our world as a man. During his three years of ministry he showed in every way that he was God: being able to know, control and direct anything he wanted to as only God could do.
  • He was fully human in body, heart, mind and will. He lived a human life, was found to perfectly submit himself to God the Father, then he would become our substitute, dying on the cross to take the punishment for our failure to obey our creator (sin).
  • Jesus comes to us in the present to live in those who are his followers by the Holy Spirit. Our life is to be so directed by and submitted to, Jesus, that we are his ambassadors in the world. We are living as a people eagerly waiting for his 2nd coming where the whole world will see him and know who he is – God the Son.

Remembering this we have much to celebrate as we see the amazing plan of God coming from his great love for us.
We can be a people with courage and strength as we go into 2018. We know God is with us.

Your Pastor Wayne