Good Friday and Easter Sunday

Good Friday and Easter Sunday

I asked Jesus “How much do you love me?”
“This much” He answered and He stretched out His arms and died.



Good Friday confronts us with the death of Jesus to take the punishment for our failure to submit to God’s rule.

Easter Sunday surprises us with his Resurrection to New Life, opening the way to Eternal Life to all who accept him as Lord and Saviour.

How can we express our thanks to Jesus? What can you give someone who has everything? As the Son of God who created the universe, there is nothing he needs.

Yet there remains something precious and valuable that each of us can individually give to Jesus. The Leadership of our life. We do this as we live each day in deliberately submitting to Jesus. We desire to do this for we understand the magnitude of what his Death and Resurrection has achieved for us. Our thanksgiving will overflow into wanting to please Jesus in every way possible.

Will you join me in committing our lives to the leadership of Jesus, the Son of God?

Your Pastor,